June 30, 2006:

3 new compositions are accessible to you in Download / music. Have fun!! ;-).

March 26, 2006:

5 New compositions in the sections Download / music including one being a remix of "Everything is under control of COLDCUT". A new design for the Download section ... Now more pleasant looking.

October 5, 2005:

Hehe everybody! A Better design of the site and Some new on the site, if we can call it this way. ;-) 10 new audio tracks to download in the Download / Music section. Have a nice listening!!

Mars 7, 2005:

A new video is available, his title: "Smoke", an assembly to be discovered.
The video section in download have a new skin. Now all videos are available in flash streaming. From now on, all computers users will have access to the videos. Mac, PC and even Linux!

October 13, 2004:

Small change in the menu and the enter grafics page.

August 24, 2004:

The ElectroPaP live show at the "Symposium d'art en Beauce", august 6, 2004 is now available in Streaming in the download/music section and here. 75 minutes of "unique" music to enjoy. Good listening!
HIGH bandwith LOW bandwith

August 18, 2004:

2 new MP3 of his latest live show in the download/music section.

January 24, 2004:

The online shop is open! Get all available albums right now in the shop page.

October 10, 2003:

The site has a new guestbook! Leave your comments there.

September 23, 2003:

The site makes new skin for this new more colored and dynamic interface, like the music of ElectroPaP, which I could say.

Come back soon for the last news as for the in line shop which will open these doors soon.